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Wind Data driven Kinetic Installation

The process of creation for Anemos is concerned with the investigation of environmental data driven processes for art making, with regard to the exploration of the nat‐ ural force of wind as studied in computational systems. By isolating the properties of wind and mapping them with the motion of organic objects, the environment is envisioned as a medium that bridges organic and inor‐ ganic matter through technology. Lastly, it focuses on the systemic interactions between visible and invisible el‐ ements.

See the Pen Anemos 3D Simulation by Rory David Hoy (@roryhoy) on CodePen.

In the work Anemos, the aim was to create connections between the environment and technology.Also, to bring together natural and artificial elements and explore the sensibilities that can be found in this linkage.The prod‐ uct of this practice is focused on the creation of a sys‐ tem that has its roots in the process of networking ob‐ jects with immaterial forces.The work Anemos is the output of my collaboration with Rory-David Hoy that took place during the fall semester of 2018. The particular project was created as part of the graduate class in Physical Computing and the Environ‐ ment, which was directed by Dr. Yu-Zhi Joel Ong, pro‐ fessor in the computational Arts Department at York Uni‐ versity. The final output consisted of three electronic motors, a micro-computer, a microprocessor, three galvanized steel pipes, three custom-made 3D printed pulleys and a 3D simulation of the desired result