Hrysovalanti Fereniki Maheras



Hrysovalanti Fereniki Maheras is a PhD student in Digital Media at York University and she is studying with Dr. Mark-David Hosale as a researcher at nD::StudioLab. She holds a B.A. Hons in Media Arts from Plymouth University, UK and an M.A. in Digital Media from York University, CA. In her research,  she speculates on the innovation of computational machines as emotional beings, as she navigates the connections between the philosophical theories written about the human soul, and the cybernetic theories and artworks created for the exploration of the mind of technology. Her practice emphasizes on the creation of groups of electronic sound/kinetic sculptures that act as artificially living communities. Transversing between the virtual and the physical world, she explores the creation of a virtual analog environment emerging in a shared complex physical habitat.


2020-present Doctoral of Philosophy in Digital Media, York University, Toronto, Canada (in progress).
2018 – 2020 MA in Digital Media, York University, Toronto, Canada.
2015 BA (Hons) in Media Arts, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, England


W. Lawrence Heisey Graduate Award in Fine Arts, York University, August 2019
York Graduate Fellowship, York University, September 2018- April 2020
Media Arts Excellence in Experimental Practice, Plymouth University, September 2015


Teaching Assistant, DATT 1010 : Introduction to Interactive Digital Media I, York University, 2020-Present Course Director: Nadine Wettlaufer, TA’s: Rory Hoy, Hrysovalanti Maheras, Marcus Gordon

  • To teach how to create interactive audiovisual interfaces in MAX/MSP.
  • Assist with the production of independent student work in Visual Music.

  • Teaching Assistant, DATT 2100: Publishing in Digital Media, York University, 2020-Present Course Director: Michael Longford, TA: Hrysovalanti Maheras Responsibilities:
  • To Teach Web-Design Techniques and Aesthetics, and History of Computing.
  • Work with students and assist on the production of both independent and collaborative projects on narrative, photography, animation, video, and hypertext for the web and otherwise.

  • nD::studio lab in collaboration with SBCAST Artist in Residency, The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology, Santa Barbara(SBCAST), California, Pending, May 1st -31st 2020 nD:: studio lab Director: Mark-David Hosale / Email: SBCAST Director: Alan Macy/ Email:
    • An opportunity to work at Human I/O Lab (Studio E) at SBCAST for the creation of a virtual media environment that cares for the embodiment of collective consciousness for the distribution of live physiological flows as captured in meditative practices and as part of the experiential design of computationally mediated community spaces.
    Research Assistant, nD: : Studio Lab, York University, October 2018-Present Director: Mark-David Hosale
    • Assist with the production of the lab’s projects
    • Offer Technical Assistance
    • Assist with research in biosensing technology
    • Compose Research based frameworks for the creation of computational autonomous systems
    • Assist with the fabrication of Wearable Digital Media Objects.
    Research Assistant, Alice Lab for computational worldmaking, York University, September 2019-ongoing Director: Graham Wakefield
    • Co-writer of Research Paper in emotional artificial intelligence

    Research Associate, Sensorium, York University, December 2019-ongoing Director: Joel Ong
    Technical Assistant, Simurgh, TMAC, June 17, 2019-August 4, 2019 Collaborators: Kate Digby, Erika Batdorf, Mark-David Hosale, Alan Macy, and Tanya Birl
    • Assist with the development of interactivity
    • Assist in the implementation of custom electronics and software for the production
    • Troubleshoot and fix technical issues with custom technology
    • Being an active member for the production team of the interactive installation
    • Offer technical assistance for the successful functioning of the technology
    • Assist during the performances of Simurgh during the last week of July/beginning of August

    nD: studio nodes, nD: : Studio Lab, York University, February 2019-ongoing Director: Mark-David Hosale
    • Assemblage of electronic circuitry
    • Ensure functionality and efficiency of the custom micro-controller boards

    Technical Assistant, Simurgh Workshop, York University, December 2018 Collaborators: Kate Digby, Erika Batdorf, Mark-David Hosale, Alan Macy, and Tanya Bir
    • Assist with the development of interactive art concepts

    Installation Assistant, Homunculus Nimbus, Ontario Place, November 2018-March 2019 Creator: Mark-David Hosale, Winter Lights Festival
    • Assist with the set-up of installation
    • Assist with the tear-down of installation

    Animator, Fashion Show, Greek Community of Toronto, November 2016 Organizer: Betty Skoutakis
    • Create animations
    • Edit video sources
    • Sound Design

    Graphic Designer Internship, novramedia, Toronto, Canada, December 2015 Director: Hermes Iordanous
    • Production of visual content for advertisements
    • Assess final product according to brand guidelines

    Workshops Attended

    • Build Your Own Psychogeographic Noise Synth!, InterAccess, Gabriel De Oliveira, July 2019
    • Touch, Sound, Pulse: DIY Vibrotactile Systems, , InterAccess, David Bobier, June 2019
    • Let’s Move it with Motors!, InterAccess, Lorena Salome, May 2019
    • Intro to Arduino for Artists, InterAccess, Tess Sutherland, May 2018
    • Deep Listening Session #3, York University, Doug Van Nort, November 2017
    • Soundhackers Intensive, New Adventures in Sound Art, Natasha Barrett, October 2017
    • From Dust to Deep Learning: Intro to Generative Poetry, Interaccess, David Jhave Johnston, October 2017
    • Movement and Emotion as Computational Interfaces, York University, School of the Arts, Media, Performance, and Design, Toronto, Canada, June 2016
    • Large Scale Light Art Series, Interaccess, Nathan Whitford, April 2016

    Conferences Attended

    • Generative Art International Conference, Etruscan Museum, Rome, Italy, December 2019
    • Living Architecture Systems Group Symposium, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada, March 2019
    • Intermedial Narrative & Performance: New Approaches, York University, Sensorium, November 2019
    • Digitally Engaged Learning Conference, York University, September 2018


    • Endemics,Sarah Imrisek, Marcus Gordon(magfoto), Ilze Briede(kavi), Eulerroom, Algorave 10th Birthday March 2022, Live Coding Quartet for Sound and Computer Graphics
    • Exit Points #1, Facilitator/Performer:Michael Palumbo, Ensemble 2:Rob Cruickshank (electronics),Raph Roter (drums), Hrysovalanti Maheras (live coding in supercollider), February 2020
    • Multisensory, Free Improvisation, Live Coding, Sound, Michael Palumbo, Ilze Briede, Scott McGregor Moore, Curtis B Whittaker, York University, December 2019
    • Live Octopus, Live Coding audiovisual performance, Sound: Hrysovalanti Maheras, Visuals: Ilze Briede, Nite Comfort, Handlebar, Toronto, October 2019
    • ArtWorld, emergence: The Digital Media End of Year Show, York University, Toronto, Canada, Department of Computational Arts, May 2019
    • DisPerSion Lab Open House, Vertical Studio-Lab Demos, Generative Dispersed Light, April 8th, 2019
    • You’ve been framed, MAD Exhibition, Plymouth University, Plymouth, England, Department of Media Arts, May 2015
    • An electronic Orchestra as an Ode to Happiness, Paper, Generative Art International Conference, Etruscan Museum, Rome Italy, December 2019