Cellular Data driven Light Installation

This work is my contribution as part of a bigger collaboration between the members of the dispersion lab that participated in the graduate class with title Vertical Studio Lab during the winter semester of 2019, which was directed by dispersion’s lab director Dr. Doug Van Nort. The use of water patterns contributed in the aesthetic realization of the mapping of individual light emitting diodes in the form of a fluid movement that was dispensed from the middle panel and outwards to the rest eight lighting panels. Also, the visualization of water patterns follows the example of Hugo Elias’s water simulation that in turn is conducted according to the logic of a cellular system. The tuning of the switching states between darkness and light is implemented by the mapping of individual pixels to individual light emitting diodes that made up a series of nine matrices. The propagation of the water simulation on the lighting panels was achieved within the scope of causality of water perturbation.